My manuscripts are edited with the assistance of some lovely pens.
In my spare time I write and illustrate my own stories. It is a great opportunity to experiment and to learn more about storytelling - I feel that it feeds back into my illustration work and has helped me to improve. 

But of course my main aim for some of my stories is to one day see them in print. You can follow my progress as I create my manuscripts, go through many feedback/editing cycles and finally submit them to agents and/or publishers:
Illustrated stories for young children - picture books
Graphic novels

Some of my projects are not intended for print. They are finished and available for free online:
On my Comics page you can read about a YA writer and picture book author/illustrator: Duck&Bear.
On About Me there is an autobiographical comic at the bottom of the post.
Over on my Animated Gifs page you will find some short animations and on Illustrated Mini Stories there is some experimental work.

If you'd like to discuss any of my projects you can use the contact form or the links on my Contact Me page.

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